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Vendaje is a Human Connective Tissue Matrix Comprised of Amniotic Tissue which is processed using our proprietary BioRetain process.

This process creates a dehydrated human amniotic membrane (DHAM) allograft.


BioRetain®-the science of letting nature do its work.

VENDAJE is intended for homologous use as a protective covering.

Easy to Use—Easy to Store

VENDAJE allografts:

  • Are held in place via hydrostatic tension and may be used in an open incision or placed as a dermal substitute.

  • Are aseptically processed and terminally sterilized via e-beam irradiation.

  • Have a 5-year shelf life and can be stored at ambient temperatures.

Six steps work together to preserve the natural integrity of amniotic tissue:

Vendaje - 2.JPG


Inside Vendahe.png
Vendaje - 3.JPG

Natural Amniotic Components Retained in VENDAJE

VENDAJE allografts are prepared using our proprietary BioRetain® process, which was designed to help preserve the natural ECM components, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and endogenous growth factors within fresh tissue.


The following substances were isolated within VENDAJE allografts (n=6)*:
Anti-inflammatory cytokines:

– Interleukin (IL) 10
IL-10 helps suppress the pro-inflammatory milieu and modulate immunity through a variety of pathways.

– IL-1 receptor antagonist

This substance naturally inhibits pro-inflammatory effects of IL-1.

Extracellular matrix (ECM) components:
– Collagens I, III, IV, V, and VI
– Elastin
– Laminin
– Fibronectin
– Proteoglycans


The ECM of amniotic membrane provides mechanical protection and functional support for cell attachment, proliferation, and migration.

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